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Five Steps to Simplifying your Life

Clutter stresses me out!

I get overwhelmed and anxious. When I feel overwhelmed and anxious I clean, I declutter, I get rid of things. The gift of overwhelm is learning the beautiful secret of SIMPLICITY. When my internal and external worlds are organized and soothing to my senses, all is well.

There’s a lot of buzz right now about living simply. It resonates with me, and I think it will with other Highly Sensitive People (HSP). One of the characteristics of being HSP is becoming overstimulated in a chaotic environment. I can personally tell you all about this one! From the bright lights, to the cluster of sounds, the heightened volume, the clutter, the mismatched or bold décor, the many people, the uncomfortable furniture, the strong smells…. I can keep going. This affects me.

I have begun to think of my inner world like my outer world. If there are too many things happening at one time, if it’s cluttered, if it’s chaotic… overstimulation! This is true for my physical environment, my thoughts, my body, my emotions, my relationships, and my responsibilities. When my day is cluttered, when my time is cluttered, when my relationships are cluttered, when my emotions are cluttered- something’s got to change!

When I buy new clothes, I go to my closet and find clothes to get rid of. When my kitchen sink is overflowing with dishes, I wash them and put them away. When the garage is full of all the random items that don’t make it into the house, things get organized or tossed.

Can we not apply this same idea to our mind, to our relationships, to our schedules?

When my mind is becoming too full, I find a way to either toss the thoughts or organize them.

When a relationship is taking too much energy, I find a way to either declutter it or get rid of it.

When my schedule is too demanding, I take something out before adding something new.


So how do we do this really?

I’ll give you ONE STRATEGY (of many) to KICK START SIMPLICITY in your life.

  1. Make a list of everything you do throughout a typical week and break it down day by day.

  2. Rate {on a scale of 0-10} how much energy each item uses. Ask yourself: How do I feel after I do ____? What are my emotions and thoughts leading up to ____?

  3. You will use the same scale of {0-10} to rate how much energy you gain from each item. You can ask yourself the same questions.

  4. Next, rate the importance of each item. Is the priority {None, Slight, Moderate, High, or Extreme}?

  5. Now you have some clarity and can make some changes. Do you organize it, toss it, or keep it the same?


You may decide to get rid of something because the energy is not worth it. You may decide to keep something, but to do it between two energizing activities. It's your life, so you get to decide! And you'll probably have to try a few things before you right recipe.

Can you figure out a creative way to meet your responsibilities while still keeping your energy and sanity?

Let's make life easier…simple!

Rayne Satterfield, LCSW


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