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Group Therapy

Late Identified Autistic Support Group

This group is for those who have learned about being Autistic later in life. You may have come to this realization though a "professional" or "self" diagnosis. In this group, you will learn about Autism, gain support, discuss your challenges and successes, and learn skills to help manage life in a Neurotypical world. You are also welcome if you are in a questioning phase of an Autism diagnosis and this group is LGBTQIA+ affirming.​

  • Group is located virtually, over video

  • Meet twice a month for 60 minutes each session

  • Group is held every other Wednesday from  12:00-1:00 pm

Highly Sensitive Person (HSP) Support Group

HSPs are unique and often feel misunderstood and different from others. It's amazing how healing it is to connect with other HSPs, feeling supported, understood, and even getting advice that might actually work for you. In this group we will be meeting outdoors at Barfield Park in Murfreesboro. It will be a time to share your experiences as a HSP, get support, as well as listen to other HSPs and offer them support. We will soak up the benefits of nature, move our bodies while we take a short walk to a designated area, and spend time talking, journaling, and engaging in activities. 

  • Meet one time a month

  • Group is located outdoors or virtually to accommodate weather

  • Must be a HSP to join

Should I Join Group Therapy?

Group therapy is a great option to add to the therapy you are already receiving or as a standalone treatment. If you relate to any of the below, please reach out!

  • You are seeking connection

  • You have financial limitations

  • You are not in crisis 

  • You want to find others who are like you

  • You need extra support outside of individual therapy

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