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Therapy Intensives

What are Therapy Intensives?

Therapy intensives are extended sessions over a short period of time. They are goal focused and individualized to each person. Intensives offer a different approach to therapy. Rather then meeting weekly or bi-weekly for an extended period of time, intensives offer longer, more focused sessions in a short period of time. These sessions are usually between two to four hours in length. You may engage in one of these, or schedule a few extended sessions. 

During therapy intensives, we discuss your relevant history, identify your specific needs and goals, and create a plan to accelerate your healing. We use practice skills, education, and experiential exercises to meet these needs and goals. 

Common areas of focus may include:

  • Healing trauma through IFS and EMDR therapy

  • Autism and/or ADHD assessment and processing

  • Creating your sensory profile

  • Understanding and navigating your neurodivergent needs

  • Identifying your masking strategies and how to unmask

  • Learning about your nervous system and finding ways to regulate it

  • Addressing internalized ablism and neurodivergent trauma

  • Building internal resources to increase your self-awareness, self-connection, self-advocacy, and self-regulation

What are the benefits?

Some of the benefits of engaging in therapy intensives include:

  • More efficient therapy, which does not last over months or years

  • Accelerated healing and achieving goals

  • More time and space can lead to going deeper with the material

  • Provides a different enough approach to help get unstuck

  • You can see changes after one session

Who is if for?

Intensives are unique and they are not for everyone. Those who may benefit in this type of therapy include:

  • Those with very little extra time or who cannot add therapy into their regular schedule

  • Those who have a specific goal and focus

  • Those who have a history of therapy, including therapeutic knowledge and skills

  • Those who enjoy deep dives and extended focused attention on their healing

  • Those who can commit to a whole day or more to healing and recovery

  • Those who do not need ongoing, regularly scheduled therapy, or

  • Those who have a regular therapist and are seeking supplemental help for a specific need

What are the policies?

Intensives have a different set of policies due to the extended time and planning of the appointment. 

  • A 50% deposit is required to reserve the appointment time

  • The session can be canceled or rescheduled up to one week prior to still receive the full deposit back or to be applied to the new scheduled time

  • If canceled 6-4 days prior to the session, there will be a 50% refund on the deposit

  • If canceled within 72 hours or less of the session, there will be no refund on the deposit

  • If the session is reschedule less than a week before the appointment, 50% of the deposit can be applied to the new scheduled time and 50% will be held as a late reschedule fee

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