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Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to your Questions

How much does therapy cost?

This information can be found HERE

Do you accept insurance?

No, I do not accept insurance. I am considered an out of network provider and can provide you with documentation, called a Superbill, to be turn into your insurance company.

Why do you not take insurance?

There may be a lack of confidentiality as information is shared between companies. You will have to be given a diagnosis for services to be considered a "necessity." You and I lose freedom, as the insurance company decides your treatment. 

How do I get reimbursed?

This will be dependent on your insurance company and your particular plan. You will need to contact your insurance company and ask about your out of network benefits. If they provide you with a reimbursement rate for out of network services, you will need to turn in the Superbill from our sessions. It will be up to the insurance company to approve these services and I cannot determine this. It may be important to verify your coverage and understand what will and will not be covered before starting services with me. 

Do you offer reduced fee spots?

I have only a few reduced fee spots available. They are available on a first come, first serve basis. You may inquire if any spots are available before beginning services, or at any point during our work together if your financial situation changes. You may also find the website, Open Path Collective, to be helpful for reduced fee services. This is a collection of therapist who offer sessions between $30 and $60. 

What is the Good Faith Estimate?

The Good Faith Estimate is a document I am required to provide you that shows your estimated costs for services with me. This will show you what you can expect to pay within a six month timeframe. It is difficult to predict how often and how long someone will received therapy services, so this document is my best attempt at an estimate. You will be charged after each appointment and my fees will not change without adequate notice, so you will be aware of each payment you make. You can learn more about this HERE.

When do you see clients?

I see clients Tuesday through Thursday from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm . The first session begins at 9:00 am and the final session begins at 3:00 pm. 

Where do you see clients?

I do not have a in-person office. All of my appointments are online, through video, or at a local park in Murfreesboro for a walk and talk session. Most sessions are conducted virtually and I typically have one designated day for walk and talk sessions. The outdoor sessions are dependent on weather. 

Can you see me if I live outside of Tennessee?

No, I can only see residents of TN. I am licensed as a clinical social worker in TN and this means I am only covered to see clients who are physically in TN. There are policies in the works that may open this up in the future. 

How do I start therapy?

To begin therapy, you will first need to reach out and request a consultation call. I will send you a New Client Screening form with some initial questions and once I receive that back we can schedule our call. I will try my best to schedule the call within the same week of you reaching out. This call will be 15 minutes, giving us the opportunity to address your questions and find out if my services are what you are looking for. If we decide to move forward, we will schedule an intake appointment. 

What is the intake process like?

Once we schedule an intake session, I will set you up in my client portal and send over paperwork. All paperwork will be completed electronically through the portal. You will need to read through and sign off on policies and consents and fill out the client information forms. You will also add a form of payment to your portal which will be used to pay for your sessions each meeting. This will all need to be completed no later than 24 hours before our first meeting.

During the intake session you can expect to review some of the policies and go over any questions you may have. We will spend time getting to know each other and discussing your relevant history and creating goals for our work together. This "getting to know you" process usually takes two to three sessions. 

What is a therapy session like?

Your therapy sessions will be unique to you, however here are some common things to expect. We will begin each session with checking in on how you have been feeling and anything relevant happening in your life. We will figure out what is most important to focus on that day. You can expect to have flexibility to openly talk about what is bothering you or maybe have a more structured session focused on learning new information or practicing new skills. There will likely be time that is spent focusing on your emotions and understanding where they are coming from and why. My approach is emotionally focused and connects the dots between past experiences and current reactions. 

How often will we meet?

It is recommended that we start out by meeting every week. This helps to build rapport and get the ball rolling on your goals. This is not a requirement, however, and if needed we can meet less often. The most common frequency of meeting is weekly or every other week. As you progress in therapy and start accomplishing the goals you are wanting, the frequency will go down until maybe we are only checking in once a month and then eventually ending therapy all together. 

How long does therapy last?

Again, this one will be unique to you and your needs and progress. Most of my clients stay in therapy for at least six months and beyond. 

Do you prescribe medication?

No, I do not prescribe meditation. I can provide referrals if you are interested in those services. 

Will I get a diagnosis?

It is not my therapeutic style to focus on diagnosis. I can diagnosis if needed or wanted. If you are using your insurance for out of network reimbursement, I will need to provide a diagnosis. This a requirement for insurance so they "know" what they are paying for. This is something we can discuss and figure out together. I can also provide a diagnosis if you are simply interested in that. If you are seeking an Autism or ADHD diagnosis I can help sort through your symptoms and concerns, but will need to refer you to someone else who can provide the official diagnosis.

I'm nervous to open up about by past, what will you expect from me?

I am not interested in making this a painful or uncomfortable process and will actively avoid re-traumatizing you. So, the simple answer is, it is completely up to you when and how much information you provide to me. It can be helpful for me to understand your past as we work together, but we will uncover what we need as you are ready. I will support you in listening to yourself and making sure all parts of yourself are ready to tell your stories.

What do I do if I have issues or concerns with therapy?

Given that therapy is based on a relationship with another person, and I am human, we may run into problems along the way. I am completely open to and welcoming of feedback. I want to know if something is not working for you or if I have done something that is upsetting. I will work hard to help you get what you need from therapy. And if I cannot provide what you are needed, I will offer referrals to someone who I believe can. 

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